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MMB's uses fine-pitch surface-mount technology production on its high-speed fully automated lines. The company exclusively uses a "no-clean" solder process and convectional reflow-ovens that are environmentally safe and assure high quality.

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Micro Memory Bank has a wide variety of module designs that include 30 and 72 Pin SIMMs, 144 SO-DIMMs, 168, 184, and 200 Pin DIMMs. Our product-line offers many older form-factors as well as leading-edge modules.

All of MMB's products are subject to strict functional testing. Module memory testers can support a wide spectrum of technology from older fast-page mode and more recent DDR technology. Product is tested "at-speed" guaranteeing maximum system performance. Gravity-feed module handlers minimizes human handling and electro-static issues.

Our motherboard system-test process is performed on all newly developed products. It is another way we assure that our production testing exceeds the customers' application demands.

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Design Support
Engineering : Micro Memory Bank's engineering provides custom design on most desired memory modules. We can be very aggressive with design parameters; basically if it can be fabricated at the PCB house then we can design it. Our vertical process include: layout, PCB fabrication, test adopter build (if necessary), parts procurement, prototype build and a final production lot release. Designs and production releases include a bill-of-material, assembly, PCB fabrication and optional SPD drawings.

Layout Guidlines / Number of Layers :

  • 1. Component & Solder Side
  • 2. Inner Power & Ground Layers
  • 3. Unlimited number of layers, based on technical specifications and requirements

*Board Size(max): 32 x 32 inches

Design Guidelines :

  • 1. Standard trace width: 0.006"; advanced: 0.003"
  • 2. Standard spacing width: 0.006"; advanced: 0.004"
  • 3. Standard hole (min.) e.g. 0.050"; thick board: 0.012 advanced: 0.008"
  • 4. Standard pad size (min.): 0.026"; advanced 0.016"

Special Expertise :
Extensive experience with memory modules and test-load boards. Flash memory high-speed modular sub-system designs.

Design Software :

  • 1. Layout: ORCAD and PowerPCB (formally PADs)
  • 2. Support spec sheets: ORCAD and AutoCAD
  • 3. Hyperlynx's Simulation Signal Integrity Tools for EMC FCC approval.

*Typical Lead times: One week.